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About Us

Top-quality produce from California Farmers.

Our History

Dedicated From the Very Beginning

The Salad Farm is a family-owned operation based in Salinas, California. We are committed to growing, processing, and sales of the finest quality produce available. Our growers are devoted to the cultivation and harvest of the best quality spring mix, spinach, and arugula.

We contract with a custom processor with a record of over 19 years of safe and detailed pack to our customers. The Salad Farm implements the highest standard of food safety as Primus audits have demonstrated.

Our sales group connects to customers throughout the United States and Canada, delivering excellent service and a positive attitude. Working with the Salad Farm is like working with a friend—we care about our customers and are always there for them. With over 30 years of experience in the agricultural industry, we know business is done between people. Our customers can be assured and satisfied that their needs will be met.

Our Mission

We are guided by integrity, dedicated to ensuring the highest level of food safety standards, and determined to provide consistent premium products with superior service. Our success is judged by the partnerships we gain through customer confidence, and the lifelong friendships developed through trust. Delivering the highest quality… from our house to yours.

Our Products

Our primary growing region is in the Salinas Valley; farming operations shift to Holtville, California, and Yuma, Arizona during the winter months. This diversity of growing regions allows The Salad Farm to offer a continuous year-round supply of high-quality produce with minimal shortages due to weather conditions.

Meet Our Team

Adrian Paco

(408) 710-6378

Ana Paco

(831) 676-5557

Ken Horwitz

(831) 595-3643

Beth Gargiulo

(831) 809-4339

Bertha Briseño

(831) 794-7876

Angela Qualls

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Moses Jimenez

(831) 305-3623

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